i feel like cultural appropriation or whatever is a thing if you’re openly mocking that culture but chrissake if you want to wear a bindi or a kimono then wear the fucking clothing

Other cultures tend to openly love when you try to connect with their roots.


So im still trying to learn the kindle Photoshop and I got this

i’ll finish this reading for spanish tomorrow morning i’ve already read the whole essay and looked up vocab i just need to go through it for themes and quotes i am so tired

Community Post: Ten Wrongs Glee Needs To Right In Season 6 →



1. Let Kurt be happy

Sure, he’s got a cute fiance and he’s doing well at NYADA, but he’s been through too much too soon; let him get to Broadway, design the cover of Vogue, whatever - just let his dreams come true!

7. Let Blaine relax

Adorable little bundle of fluff that he is, Blaine has his issues about trusting and being trusted and bottles things up rather than talking them out. He needs to lighten up with Kurt, learn to trust him and talk about his feelings, rather than, uh, eating them?

10. Let Klaine get married

I’m not the biggest fan of teens getting engaged and then married in their early 20s, but these two haven’t done anything less than extraordinary in their relationship so far. They want it, the fans want it, the Pope wants it, my mother wants it. They should have the wonderful, spectacular wedding their fairy tale deserves.

YES, pretty much this. (Actually I agree with the rest of the list too—give Mercedes more screen time, take Rachel down a notch (or six?!), and give Santana and Sam more focus and purpose in their lives. That would pretty much be great thanks.

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steve rogers + cards against humanity (insp.)

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this is a good time to note that if you don’t think trans women are women i’d like you to get the fuck away from my blog


I do this several times a day